Come rendere la vostra guida più confortevole e veloce?

If you don't pay more attention, your bike is prone to different degrees of wear and aging after riding for a long time, then you will want to change a new bike. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the following points in your daily use, your cycling experience can be greatly improved, allowing you to ride more smoothly and quickly.

Keep your saddle clean

There is no doubt that the cleaner the bike is, the faster it will be, no matter what kind of bike it is. A clean bike with comfortable riding clothes will keep you nice and happy on your riding. A simple wipe down after each ride and a thorough clean at intervals will prevent your bike from getting dirtier and keep it comfortable. 

Lubricate the chain regularly

A good chain makes the turning system more efficient and so your energy is less likely to be consumed by a mechanically inefficient chain, and it also effectively reduce the risk of the chain harbouring dirt in wet conditions. However, make sure the chain is not over-lubricate!


Ensure the right saddle height

Careful adjustment of the correct saddle height will improve your riding experience and prevent you from falling over on the bike. The appropriate height of the saddle should be: you sit on the seat, hold the handlebars, put the soles of the feet on the pedals and step on the bottom when the knees can be slightly bent is the most suitable height. It is also important to remember to give your bottom a rest every 10-15 minutes, leaving the saddle for a while will allow blood to flow and will also reduce the pain of riding a little. 


Check tire pressure

Tires that are too soft will mean an increase in rolling resistance, which will make it harder to maintain an average speed, as well as putting your tires at risk of blowing out. Generally, the upper limit of tire pressure is marked on the tires of bicycles. The suitable tire pressures of our different products are slightly different. The suitable tire pressure for KRE27.5 is 35-45PSI, and the suitable tire pressure for F100, Hailong One, F26 Pro and Y-1 is 40-65PSI, and for F7 is 30PSI, for F20 is 40PSI.


However, in the end, what I want to say is, don't blindly pursue speed when riding a bike, safety is the first important thing. Before riding a bicycle, you should prepare safety equipment such as helmets and gloves to minimize risks from yourself and the outside world. Some of our ebikes have luggage seats on the back, and some parents want to let their little babies sit on the back seat, which is also very dangerous. Ensuring the personal safety of yourself and others is something you should always pay attention to while riding.

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